View of Engineering Hall and Maquina fountain from the north. Gel permeation chromatograph (GPC) bench. Rheometer and dynamic mechanical analyzer.


11/07/2018    Lots of changes...
More than 10 new instruments are introduced.
Fees are updated.
The web-site is migrated from HTTP to HTTPS protocol.
06/30/2017    All fees are updated.
12/30/2016    Added description for PerkinElmer DSC 8000
12/28/2016    Added description for Schott capillary viscometer, and UV Crosslinkers
07/26/2016    Added description for Perkin Elmer UV/Vis/NIR spectrophotometer Lambda 19, Nicolet FT-IR spectrophotometer Magna 860, Comco Microblaster, and Veeco-CNTech Gold/Chrom evaporator
07/13/2016    Fees, July 2016
06/08/2016    Fees, June 2016, added description for LabTop 3000 Parylene coater, Woollam V-VASE ellipsometer, and Woollam IR-VASE ellipsometer
04/01/2016    Fees, April 2016
03/25/2016    The SML office has been relocated to B614 Engineering Hall
02/05/2016    Fees, February 2016
10/13/2015    Fees, October 2015
9/3/2015    Fees, September 2015
9/1/2015    New account and administrative support info updated
8/18/2015    Added description for Q-Sense E4 Quartz Crystal Microbalance
8/17/2015    Added description for Perkin-Elmer UV/Vis spectrophotometer Lambda 10
7/29/2015    Fees, July 2015 - corrected
7/24/2015    Fees, July 2015
6/11/2015    New account info
5/25/2015    Added descriptions for Waters GPC, E1 Wafers annealing oven, and LEO SEM 1550VP
5/19/2015    Fees, May 2015
4/24/2015    Added descriptions for Filmetrics F20 reflectometer, Laurell spin coater, and Glove box
4/23/2015    Added descriptions for Contact Angle meas. system, Oxygen Plasma etcher, and LabLine vacuum oven
4/21/2015    Added descriptions for Raman microscope, Zetasizer, and Ellipsometer
4/13/2015    New SML e-mail:
4/2/2015    Fees, March 2015
2/23/2015    Fees update
2/19/2015    Fees, February 2015
2/11/2015    Expanded list of the instruments
2/10/2015    Staff contact information