Banner photo captions: View of Engineering Hall and Maquina fountain from the north.

Account setup

1. Create an account and login
Visit LoCal database Signup page and complete the form. The funding documentation (see the next step) should contain your name as it appears in the database.

2. Funding setup
If your principal investigator (PI) or your company already has funding at the SML or Material Science Center (MSC) that you will be added to, have your PI or an authorized person in the company notify MSC/SML Administrator about that.
If the funding is new, ask your PI or authorized person to fill out the funding form and to send it to MSC/SML Administrator.
The funding form for UW-Madison users can be found here.
The funding form for all other users can be found here.
MSC/SML Administrator: Lori Snyder, Room 2713 Engineering Hall, 1415 Engineering Drive, Madison, WI 53706, e-mail:, phone 608-262-4081.
Please note that Administrator needs to receive all funding information DIRECTLY from the PI or authorized person.

3. Training
After accounts are set up (meaning that the funding appears in your profile in the LoCal database), contact SML staff for training. After training you will be given access for the equipment.

If you have trouble logging into your account or forget your password, please ask SML manager Anna Kiyanova for help.
Additional information about billing and invoicing can be found here.