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Perkin-Elmer UV/Vis/NIR spectrophotometer Lambda 19 Perkin-Elmer UV/Vis/NIR spectrophotometer Lambda 19
Lambda 19 UV/Vis/NIR spectrophotometer is a general purpose instrument for absorption spectroscopy in the ultraviolet, visible, and near infrared spectral regions. It is equipped by an Integrating sphere which allows measurement of transmittance and reflectance of diffuse or scattering materials as a function of wavelength.


Optical scheme: double-beam, all-reflecting, double monochromator.
Integrating sphere: Labsphere RSA-PE-19 6" (150 mm) diameter.
Wavelength range: 200 nm to 2500 nm (limited by the integrating sphere).
Wavelength accuracy: +-0.15 nm (UV/Vis), +-0.6 nm (NIR).
Wavelength reproducibility: +-0.02 nm (UV/Vis), +-0.08 nm (NIR).
Resolution: 0.05-5.0 nm (UV/Vis), 0.2-20 nm (NIR).
Data interval: 0.01-1.0 nm.
Photometric accuracy: Absorbance +-0.003 at 440 - 635 nm and Absorbance = 1.
Baseline stability: Absorbance < 0.0002 per hour (500 nm, after warmup).
Scan speed: 0.9 - 960 nm/min.
Beam height: 10 mm at the cell plane.
Beam width: depends on the slit, 4.5 mm for 5 nm slit at the cell plane.
Light source: deuterium lamp (UV), halogen lamp (Vis/NIR).
Detectors: PMT (UV/Vis), PbS (NIR).