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Q-Sense E4 quartz crystal microbalance Q-Sense E4 quartz crystal microbalance
Q-Sense E4 instrument employs Quartz Crystal Microbalance with Dissipation Monitoring (QCM-D) technique. By tracking mass changes and viscoelastic properties of thin-film deposits formed on a standard gold-coated quartz crystal microbalance sensor, QCM-D measurements can be used for studies of surface and surface-bound processes such as adsorption, cross-linking, aggregation, swelling, dissolution, corrosion, etc. The flow modules permit flowing liquid or gas as a medium being in contact with the sensor. 4-line peristaltic pump ensures stable liquid flow rate in both directions.


Number of flow modules: 4
Sensors: 14 mm diameter polished AT-cut quartz, 5 MHz resonant frequency, gold electrodes
Frequency range: up to the 13th overtone, 65 MHz for a 5 MHz sensor
Active sensor area: ~ 20 mm^2
Max load: ~ 1 ug/mm^2
Typical mass sensitivity in liquid: 18 pg/mm^2
Volume in contact with each sensor: ~ 40 uL
Flow rates: 0 - 1 mL/min
Temperature range: 15 - 65 °C, stability +- 0.02 °C
Max time resolution: ~ 100 data poits per second