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VAC Nexus One Glove Box VAC Nexus One Glove Box
Nexus One Glove Box is used to prepare and manipulate samples in an inert and moisture free atmosphere. The instrument uses a computer to continuously monitor and control all glove box functions with a single operator interface. The Glove Box has attached vacuum pump to perform operations that require vacuum (gas phase silanization, for example). Built-in refrigerator for temperature sensitive samples can be activated upon request.


Construction materials inside: 304 st. steel, lexan glass window, butyl rubber gloves
Antechamber size: 15" diameter, 24" long
Purge gas: dry nitrogen generated by a liquid nitrogen tank
Purity level: < 1 ppm oxygen, < 1 ppm water
Purity tests available: Titanium tetrachloride test (moisture), Diethylzinc test (oxygen)
Refrigerator temperature: down to -35 °C
Refrigerator volume: 900 cubic inches