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Woollam IR-VASE ellipsometer Woollam IR-VASE ellipsometer
J.A.Woollam Mark II IR-VASE ellipsometer is a research-grade instrument that combines sensitivity to chemical composition of FTIR spectroscopy with sensitivity to very thin films of spectroscopic ellipsometry. IR-VASE offers a powerful non-contact non-destructive method to characterize optical constants (index of refraction, coefficient of extinction, anisotropy, Mueller matrix), film thickness, material composition, chemical structure, free charge carriers, electronic transitions, etc. in a wide spectral range from far to near infrared.


Optical configuration: RCE (rotating compensator ellipsometer)
Spectral range: 1.7 - 30 micrometers (333 - 5900 cm-1)
Spectral resolution: 1 - 64 cm-1
Detector: DTGS
Angles of incidence: 26° - 90°
Max sample size: 200 mm x 200 mm, 20 mm thickness
Sample plane: vertical
Typical data acquisition rate (complete spectrum with 16 cm-1 resolution): 1 - 30 min
Accessory: HTC-100 heat stage, room temperature - 300 °C, 70° angle of incidence, passive cooling, 50 mm sample size