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Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer RSA III RSA III
              Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer
The RSA III tests the dynamic mechanical properties of solid materials by using a servo drive linear motor to mechanically impose an oscillatory deformation, or strain, upon the material being tested. The material is coupled between the motor and a transducer, which measures the resultant force generated by material deformation. Strain amplitude and test frequency are set by the operator, and the actual sample deformation is determined by the measured actuator and transducer displacement. Test methods: strain-controlled dynamic test, strain-controlled transient test.


Temperature range: -150 to 600 °C
Modulus Range: 103 to 3 x 1012 Pa
Frequency Range: 2 x 10-3 to 80 Hz
Max. Force: 35 N
Min. Pretension (for Tensile): 0.001N
Tan delta Range: 0.0001 to 10 rad
Dynamic Sample Deformation: ±0.5 to 1,500μM
Tools: Parallel plates (8mm, 15mm, 25mm), three-point bending tool, fiber and film tool>