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OCA 15 plus Contact Angle Measurement System OCA 15 plus Contact Angle Measurement System
Dataphysics OCA 15 plus Contact Angle measuring device with SCA 20 software calculates surface and interfacial tension from the contours of pendant and sessile drops. It includes TEC 400 temperature/environmental control chamber for measurements above room temperature and under protective atmosphere. The software offers calculation of the surface free energy of solids and their components: dispersion, polar and hydrogen bond force contribution, acid and base portions.


Measurement modes: sessile drop/captive bubble and pendant drop
Range of surface and interfacial tension: 0.01 - 2000 mN/m
Resolution: min. +- 0.05 mN/m
Dosing system: automatic, compatible with standard Hamilton syringes
Measuring stage adjustments: X, Y, and Z axis
CCD video camera: 752 x 582 pixels, up to 25 images per second
Optical system: x0.7 - x4.5 magnification, <0.05% optical distortion, +- 6 mm continuous fine focus
Methods of the surface free energy of solids calculation: Wu, Zisman, Owens-Wendt, Fowkes, Extended Fowkes, Acid-base theory, Schultz 1, Schultz 2, Equation of state theory.