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Veeco-CNTech Au/Cr Evaporator Veeco-CNTech Au/Cr Evaporator
Gold/Chrom thermal evaporator employs resistive heating of chromium rods and gold pellets in a tungsten boat to evaporate these metals. Substrates are mounted upside down on a mounting plates using rails for 4" wafers or 1" spaced holes and stainless steel hardware. There are no limitations on a shape and composition of the subtrates as far as they do not contaminate the chamber. Glow discharge pre-treatment is available. Working pressure is in the 10-7 torr range. Vacuum pumps are oil-free. Deposited film thickness is monitored by a standard quartz microbalance.


Mounting plate diameter: 19"
Vacuum pumps: Scroll (roughing), cryo-absorption (second stage)
Typical pumping down time: 3 hours (starting from warm cryopump)
Metals in stock: Chromium, gold