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Advanced Rheometric Expansion System (ARES) Advanced Rheometric Expansion System
The ARES is a mechanical spectrometer that is capable of subjecting a sample to either a dynamic (sinusoidal) or steady shear strain deformation, and then measuring the resultant torque expended by the sample in response to this shear strain. Shear strain is applied by the motor; torque is measured by the transducer. Strain amplitude and frequency are set by the operator, with the actual sample deformation determined by the measured motor and transducer displacement. Test methods: strain-controlled dynamic, strain-controlled steady, strain-controlled transient, stress-controlled transient.


Temperature range: -150 to 600° C
Angular velocity range : 2x10-6-200 rad/s
Strain amplitude: 5 μrad-500 mrad
Angular frequency: 1x10-5-200 rad/s
Transducer torque range: 0.2 &#mu;N/m-100 mN./m
Normal/axial force range: 0.002-20 N
Tools: Parallel plates (8mm, 25mm, 50mm), cone and plate (25 mm, 50 mm)